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Do you want to learn to speak Haitian Creole? Consider lessons with a Haitian tutor. Study face-to-face (via Skype or Zoom) in the comfort of your own home with an English/Creole speaking tutor. With customized classes you’ll learn at your

Haitian Creole Tutors

Do you want to learn to speak Haitian Creole? Consider lessons with a Haitian language tutor via Skype – Learn More.

own pace with training that focuses on your area of interest.

2 hour classes are available throughout the week to fit your schedule. Conversational sessions will help intermediate students sharpen their skills.

Creole beginner classes are designed around the book Creole Made Easy: A Simple Introduction to Haitian Creole for English speaking people. We recommend you purchase this book (available for $15 at Amazon).


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How to Purchase Lesson Time

  1. Simply choose from the lesson package options below to get started.
  2. Next, contact us to schedule your lessons.
  3. Let’s get learning!

Skype Creole Lessons



How many Haitian Creole lessons do I need?

This depends on what and how much you would like to learn. We suggest 20 hours of training for complete beginners wishing to reach survival level. We can offer you clear advice on how to reach your goals.

Scheduling and Cancelling

We’re flexible and will take classes in the evening or on the weekend to suit your needs. If you need to change time of the class or take a break, you only need to give 2 working days notice.

Haitian Creole Homework

We can provide as much or as little self-study homework as you want at no extra charge, so you can continue learning Haitian Creole outside of the classroom. We’re able to offer you a course entirely designed around your linguistic needs and learning preferences. Learn Creole at your at your own pace and reduce the time you need to invest in order to achieve a certain linguistic goal.

Multiple students:

Please contact us for pricing details. Each learner in the class should be at the same level.

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5 thoughts on “One-on-One Haitian Creole Language Lessons (online)

  • Scott W.

    Haitian Creole is now my second language and I speak, write, and listen with confidence. It’s been several years since I first trained with Eusau and Edmonde. Their training was the most significant factor in reaching a level of proficiency. They are both patient and disciplined and well versed in the challenges an English speaker will face. I highly recommend their personal training classes to anyone interested in learn Creole correctly and effectively. You’ll soon regard your teachers as friends.

  • Sinisa U

    Spending only 6 or 7hrs with somebody who not only speaks Kreyol but is able to teach it with enthusiasm and fun, has tremendously improved my ability to speak the language. I would strongly recommend these lessons to anyone who is traveling to Haiti – missionaries, NGO’s…. The hourly price per lesson is great and quality is high. Totally worth it.

  • Darcy H.

    Eusau doesn’t just give you a list of impractical vocabulary words; rather, he integrates new and useful phrases with previous class material. He thoroughly explains the nuances of the language and adjust the content of the class to your specific needs. I have dabbled in Creole lessons for a couple years but I finally feel confident enough to say I speak Creole!

  • Elisa B.

    I grew up in a Haitian neighborhood in North Miami, and attended a Catholic School there with Haitian teachers. I had always wanted to learn Kreyol to communicate with friends, and perhaps travel to Haiti. I had a wonderful experience learning from Eusau. We covered A LOT in just five lessons. He was very patient, funny, and gave helpful and practical homework assignments. He also educated me on the culture, sayings, for example, by everyday Haitian people. I recommend him as a teacher!